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Table Top Compact Scales

  • ABS Plastc housing with stainless steel weighing platter.
  • Large bright GREEN/RED display.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery with Low battery Cutoff.
  • Multifunction: counting, check weighing, percentage weighing.
  • Standard RS232C interface.
  • With RTC.
  • Direct Printing - Optional

Orion POS

  • 4000 PLU Storage and expandable.
  • Capacity to store more than 1000 bills per day x 365 days, and expandable.
  • Capacity to configure 8 tax slabs, Upto 3 tax slabs assignable per PLU.
  • PLU addition, modification and saving option through Keypad, (IBM Keyboard optional).
  • GST - Compatible
  • Fast billing with 2 Inch thermal printer
  • Printing to external printer, KOT printing option.
  • Calculator.
  • Grouping and sorting of PLU for ease of search and faster operation.
  • Item search option using PLU No and name.
  • Fetching qty, data directly from weighing scale based on Unit (kg/g) of items
  • Browsing through listed items in the bill before printing.
  • Cancelling or editing, item price/qty/ discount on the go while billing.
  • Tax slab wise breakup, total tax detail in invoice.
  • Voiding a bill after it is printed.
  • Duplicate bill, retrieval of older bills and reprinting.
  • Upload/Download System setup, PLU-List to/from PC to the device.
  • Additional configurable field in header (configurable to enter Customer name, address etc.).
  • Optional Programmable Hot-keys for faster billing.
  • Bill Hold option.

System Setup

  • Configurable Header / Footer for invoice
  • Date / Time configuration
  • Calibration of internal weighing scale.
  • Selection of printer and printing format
  • User ID, Password and user privilege creation
  • GSM/GPRS configuration (Optional).

  • 12 different types of reports - Daywise, month wise and yearly.
  • Types of report: Summary report, Bill wise, item wise, user wise.
  • Selection of Current and Past date / month.
  • Send SMS (with Sale information) to authorized phone numbers at scheduled time or on request (Optional).

Orion Weigh POS

    User Interface
  • 20 Key Rugged Keypad - Alphanumeric and function Keys.
  • Soft-keys with user intuitive features guided by display, varying based on state of operation.
  • Optional IBM keyboard interface.
  • Optional Programmable Hot-keys.
  • Graphic Display for user to view more information and instruction on screen for ease of operation.
  • 16x4 LCD customer facing display for items billed, total etc.
  • Optional - SMS Facility.
  • 6V,4.5Ah batteryfor3hrs runtime
  • 7.2V, 3A adapter for mains supply.

Special Purpose

OT-D Dust Proof Scale
  • Available Capacity 1 Kg / 0.1g To 10kg/1g
  • Ss Platter Size: 175 X 21 OMM
  • Overall Dimension: 255 X 230 X 110mm
  • With Ac Power and Built In Rechargeable Battery
  • Low Battery Indication And Cutoff
  • Highly Rugged Design Fully Ss Construction
  • Available From 3kg/0.5g To 30kg/2g Ss
  • Platter Size: 290x 350mm Overall Dimension:
  • With Ac Power and Built In Rechargeable Battery
  • Low Battery Indication and Cutoff Reliable, Accurate. Durable and Affordable


  • Capacity- 5kg to 35kg
  • Accuracy - 0.5g to 5g,
  • Platter size - 260mm x 350mm.
  • Also available in metal housing

Poultry Scale